Tuesday, September 13, 2011

F is for Fall!

We have been doing some really fun things the last few days.

- split a paper into 4 boxes. Talked about the 4 seasons, drew a picture for each one and sang primary songs for each season (once there was a snowman, popcorn popping, whenever I hear the song of a bird, and leafy treetops)

- read stories from the library about leaves/fall / autumn

- for our snack we made trees with pretzels, peanut butter, and m&ms

- for our craft we made trees out of pipe cleaners with buttons for leaves. The kids loved this one.

-went on a nature scavenger hunt (walk to the park). We looked for a red leaf, smooth bark, rough bark, smooth rock, smallest leaf, biggest leaf, listened for birds, animal tracks/feathers, stuff like that

-collected leafs and did rubbings of them

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A is for...


- Tissue paper apple trees. Find template here.


-read stories about lots of A animals from the library (Anteater named Arthur was our favorite)
-colored the ant picture found here.

Made this Alligator picture.

A is for Astronauts

Basically just used this whole packet with tracing, letter practicing, some activites, songs found here.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A is for Apple

  • Tell the story of William Tell and act it out (just the legend part about hitting an apple of his kids head...my kids love any excuse to use their bow and arrows)
  • Bob for apples!
  • Use construction paper, scissors and glue to make a diagram of an apple and label parts: core, stem, seeds, skin, etc..
  • Book - 10 Apples up on Top. let the kids try to do the same thing with bean bags, or socks on their head. Find a movie of the book HERE or HERE ( I like the second one better)
  • Do apple prints (cut apple in half, dip in paint and stamp on blank sheets of paper)